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Giovane Gentile & Giovane G: 2 Nice Labels for Men Who Look Nice (Part1) [men's fashion]

In preparation for the next issue of Uomo Moda, the 1st and only men’s magazine in Egypt for which I write, I would like to bring you a foretaste of what the issue will entail in this two-part artcle:

Ercem Tekstil has been operating in the manufacturing and retail business since 1984, launching onto the fashion market two well-rooted brands that have bolstered the company to the forefront of the industry, not only in Turkey but on several continents as well.

The principle driver behind Ercem Tekstil’s success has been a customer-focused approach as the company selects high-quality local materials and sources exclusive fabrics from the European Union.

Secondly, Ercem Tekstil has employed a team effort in designing unique garments with an eye to innovative styles. No wonder Ercem Tekstil enjoys 15% of the local market with sales points in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Syria, and Egypt!

Thirdly, Ercem Tekstil is no mere garment manufacturer but rather a premium brand sartoria. Sartoria is the Italian word for atelier in French and can translate as a designer studio, a tailor or seamstress shop, or even an artist’s workroom.

Traditionally, a sartoria was where men and women purchased exclusive made-to-measure attire; hence, the English word ‘sartorial’. There are few genuine sartorias today, but Ercem Tekstil seeks to preserve the tradition, specializing in elegant men’s fashion.

The two “sartorial” brands of Ercem Tekstil include Giovane Gentile and Giovane G—very appropriate names. Giovane means ‘youth’ or ‘young’ in Italian, whereas Gentile translates as ‘kind’ or ‘nice’. So together: Nice Young Man—surely how every man wants to appear!

So, what do Giovane Gentile and Giovane G have in store for all the men who want to look nice this Autumn/Winter season? Exactly what we have been watching on the runways around the world: a return to the sophistication of the original dandy! Now, why not let these two Kind Young Men labels take us for a walk back in time?!

(Click here for part 2.)

Photo & slideshow 2009 a/w collection Copyright Giovane Gentile.


Giovane Gentile & Giovane G: 2 Nice Labels for Men Who Look Nice (Part1) [men's fashion] {Uomo Moda}