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The “Arrival” of Damir Doma 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection [men's fashion]

The 2016 autumn/winter collection of Damir Doma has arrived,


, about which fashion group Paper Rain writes:

“From a place where sound and light rain, proud architects, and silent monks arrive. Emerging from their isolated being, they encounter one another and create harmonious sounds. Where chaos transforms into structure, they guide us through their monumental world.

Damir Doma’s lords are draped in cocoon- and A-shaped oversized coats, monk pants, and sarongs wrapped around their waists. Layers of heavy tweeds and organic dry earth and black and white prints create an overwhelming intensity.
With an understanding of humility and purity, Doma eliminates the unnecessary and concentrates on the essentials of shapes and forms, resulting in a heightened appreciation for simplicity. No buttons or unnecessary trimmings were added to the garments to maintain its integrity and mutual respect for the individual and nature.

The volumes and shapes merge into classic shades in various tones of grey, brown, and black and give a whole new perspective to Doma’s vision. We see luxurious cashmeres and wools, high quality cottons, and the softest of leathers in Doma’s signature soft tailoring.

Damir Doma’s quest to fuse mind, body, and spirit stands as a trinity with fabrics, colors, and shades as its loyal disciples.

Inspired by arts, architecture, and anatomy, the Damir Doma collections appeal to versatile and complex avant-garde minds all over the world.”

Damir Doma 2016 A/W Collection Picture Gallery

Damir Doma Men's AW2010 Show Video

DAMIR DOMA FW 2016 from Damir Doma on Vimeo.

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SILENT by Damir Doma & Paper Rain

Photo & slideshow Copyright Paper Rain.


The “Arrival” of Damir Doma 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection [men's fashion] {Men's Fashion}