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Drunknmunky 2016 Spring/Summer Footwear

In my lifetime I have seen lots of drunks and plenty of monkeys, but I have never seen a drunken monkey—well, at least that I can soberly remember!!

Drunknmunky is for those who are not afraid of being themselves and breaking free from the system. The brand is based on the “philosophies of the ancient kung fu style” in an attempt to awaken the drunken nature of any willing individual.

Based in the UK, Drunknmunky has just issued the following press release:

“More and more individuals are seeking out something different and individual in street fashion.

Bored of the same mass-market, uninspiring brands dictating what is to be worn season upon season, these individuals are looking for a brand, which gives them freedom to exist with their own choices of lifestyle.

Drunknmunky is a brand which has rapidly grown across Europe giving these individuals a platform to break away from the system.After the massive success of Drunknmunky’s clothing collections, we are now launching our brand-new footwear range.

Keeping with the ideologies and philosophy of Drunknmunky, our Spring/ Summer 2016 footwear range is original, innovative and offers an alternative to the monotonous styles that so called ‘super brands’ have been offering for some time.

The eclectic mix of vibrant colours and high quality materials make an important extension to the clothing range, which has proved to speak to trendsetters who believe in quality, offering a range of shapes including:

New England

—an interesting twist on a classic lace up sneaker.


—a high top shoe, which takes inspiration from a casual look; giving comfort, style and a sturdy block.


—full of colour and personality, this low cut trainer offers a quirky look with the eponymous munky logo.

All Drunknmunky footwear is available in both Men’s and Ladies’ styles and a variety of colourways. The range is an original collection, which draws away from the crowd to create a new look this Spring/Summer.”

Photo & text Copyright Drunknmunky.


Drunknmunky 2016 Spring/Summer Footwear {UK fashion designers}