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Artistic Distinction from Tallinn—Violetta Litivinova

Born on the Baltic Sea in Tallinn, Estonia, Violetta Litvinova grew up with a mother who created garments that would cause Violetta to stand out among her classmates.

Soon Violetta was sewing matchless garments that never ceased to amaze her schoolmates as she drew inspiration from the art books that she uncovered at the local library.

Violetta eventually pursued her studies in Moscow where, throughout the 1980’s, she rubbed shoulders with other young artists of her generation.

Since that time, Violetta has accumulated various awards for her artistic creations as she combines rich traditions with contemporary trends, creating inimitable looks for the inimitable dresser.

Photo Courtesy & Copyright Russian Fashion Week.


Artistic Distinction from Tallinn—Violetta Litivinova {Violetta Litvinova}