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“Beautiful Minds” with LAB | Su du est

In the past, I have reviewed several collections from Chris Cheng’s main line, which bears the title LAB Local Art Base.

Now, I would like to introduce you to the premium line at LAB, which is entitled LAB Su du est.

Chris has truly outdone himself with this line’s 2016 autumn/winter collection called “Beautiful Minds,” which is inspired by lunacy and insanity—an eventful twist on hospital chic that plays on matters of the mind.

The collection draws influence from a range of films, including Requiem for a Dream, Fightclub, Amelie, and Clockwork Orange.

Reflecting the layers of the conscious mind, the collection abounds in pleating and folds.

The lookbook stills have been taken from a short film, which vividly introduces the collection.

Photo & slideshow Copyright LAB GALLERIE ®.
Art Direction - Chris Cheng
Styling Assist - Aska Yokoyama
Hair & Makeup - Jo Candelaria
Photography - David Taylor
Film Director - Harry Triglone
Backstage Fotos - Fernando Barraza
Model - Joseph. S
Model - Ben. F
Shoes Courtesy of Diesel - Black Gold.


“Beautiful Minds” with LAB | Su du est {Men's Fashion}