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Behind the Scenes with G-Star Raw

I would like to bring you another article that i wrote for the Summer Edition of Uomo Moda. I hope you enjoy it:

Electrifying. Sensational. Titillating. These are some of the words spectators use to describe any one exciting runway event. But what many audiences fail to realize is that fashion shows also entail much hard work.

Not only have I attended fashion events but I have also been participated in their organization. Behind all the bright lights and loud beats, I can attest that much unnoticed activity goes on behind the scenes.

Hairstylists, make-up artists, seamstresses, and fitters all bustle about before the curtain lifts, preparing for that “make- or-break” moment. Meanwhile journalists, reporters, cameramen, and photographers buzz about covering the pre-show commotion.

For a backstage sneak peak, G-Star Raw has provided a photo gallery of the NY RAW Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, which was presented last year at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The Raw elegance of the collection featured vintage Mediterranean “high society” couture.

Conceived 1989 in Amsterdam, G-Star Raw is an innovative Dutch label of “stylish, pure, and functional” clothing that has attracted a worldwide following of fashion-forward consumers. Headquartered in the Netherlands, G-Star Raw operates a network of 5,568 sales points in 61 countries.

Photos Copyright G-Star Raw.


Behind the Scenes with G-Star Raw {Uomo Moda}