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Borsalino Hats Go Green with Rubia® Red

Rubia® Pigmenta Naturalia has been on the cutting edge in red eco-dyes, which date back to over two millennia.

Now, thanks to Rubia®, Italian hat brand Borsalino has a Rubia® dyed hat line.
After having mastered the art of hat making in France, Alessandro Giuseppe Borsalino opened a workshop in Alessandria, Italy.
In 1857, his brother Lazzaro joined hands and the millinery legend began.
Now, more than 150 years later, Borsalino turns an eye to “green” dyes from the Netherlands as Rubia® colors their felt hats with tints of red and brown.

Photo Copyright Rubia® Pigmenta Naturalia.


Borsalino Hats Go Green with Rubia® Red {Rubia Pigmenta Naturalia}