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Denim: Male Trend Focus A/W 10/11

Key Items Men's Apparel : Denim is seen in a host of styles to suit all this F/W 10/11 season. From refined jackets to drop-crotch jeans. Worn-in effects persist in popularity with over-mended patch-working, sun bleaching, dark coatings and more. Presented on Infomat, courtesy of Mpdclick, republished with permission.

Sun & sea faded denim: natural treatments; authentic feel; washed finesse; sun & sea faded denim; soft handles; sullied smokiness; mid cast greys; dusted effects; rolled up denim.

Dark coatings: technical denims; darkest indigo shades; jet black; slim fit & straight cut styles; pleat front detail; sturdy dark tech coatings; utility pockets; topstitching; subtle sheen.

Over mended: poetic imperfections; over mended; raw & unfinished quality; corduroy & leather patches; cut out details; haphazard fabric placements; earthen tones; blanket stitch; rusted effects; relaxed prairie spirit.

Panelling: structured panelling; motorcycle denims; extreme distress; sturdy; knee panelling; low slung pockets; topstitch detail; vintage look denims; inner thigh panels.

Art techniques: spontaneous brushstrokes; bold slogan prints; splattered paint effects; art techniques; pastel tones; low slung crotch; street style inspired screen prints.

Urban utility shirts: urban aesthetic; utility; panelling; cross hatch stitch detail; twin front pockets; classic blue; exposed zips; button front; faded & aged effects; rolled up sleeves.

Drop crotch: extreme paneling; splatter print; low slung crotch; relaxed sports style; twisted seams; crated & frayed areas; authentic wash denim; technical coatings; tapered; rusted effect.

Smart jackets: structured shapes; topstitch detail; reinforced panels; double breasted jackets; minimal styling; slim fit; pin stripes; front pockets; contrast fabrics; leather insert; exaggerated lapels; subtle coatings.

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Denim: Male Trend Focus A/W 10/11 {trends styles}