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Dylan - Modeling at the Swimwear Fashion Show in New York

I would like to introduce you to another young man who will be modeling at the Swimwear Fashion Show in New York this week.

Dylan Belding was born on January 24th in Paterson, New Jersey, while his hometown is Little Falls.

He is really big on the environment, and he loves everything green. Naturally he maintains an organic, non GMO diet.

Dylan prefers to train outside when he can, running through trails, climbing trees, lifting rocks, or landscaping, which he says is a good workout!

He loves to be in desolate, open land, and he considers himself part fish because he loves the beach. He plays the guitar and drums, and he sings.

Currently Dylan attends Montclair State and studies Sustainability Science.

You will often find him trying to make people laugh.

So come out and see Dylan model this Friday!