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From Congo to Russia—Stella Ndombi

Stella Ndombi is an acclaimed model in the Russian fashion industry.

She was born and raised in Brazzaville—the capital of the Republic of Congo—in a family of French diplomats.

At the age of seven, Stella’s family moved to Paris and then to Moscow, which has since become her new home.

In Moscow, a Russian stylist and fashion designer known as “Alisher” discovered the exotic beauty of Stella and led her to fame as one of Russia’s Top 10 models.

Soon afterward, Stella became one of Russia’s Top fashion designers.

At the most recent edition of Russian Fashion Week, which was held in Moscow April 1-6, Stella presented “Boxer’s Second Skin”—her first joint collection with Alisher.

This 2016 autumn/winter collection resulted from the arena of martial arts with all of its adrenaline-arousing silks, leathers, and furs.

This winter, be a winner with Alisher! And be a champ with Stella Ndombi!

Photo & slideshow 2016 autumn/winter collection Copyright Stella Ndombi .


From Congo to Russia—Stella Ndombi {Russian fashion designers}