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German Designer Kilian Kerner at Mercedes-Benz Berlin

The label Kilian Kerner will present itself for the fifth time at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week.

“I think it is vital that, even when times are hard, Berlin designers show themselves to industry specialists and demonstrate that the fashion world can always count on us,” says Kilian Kerner with regards to his participation yet again.

For this collection “Flieg zum Mond und bleib hier” (‘fly to the moon and don’t go away’) Kilian Kerner takes inspiration from the contrast in life. Emotional worlds with their ups and downs are mirrored in the designs.

Men who opt to wear Kilian Kerner next summer embody a mixture of dandy and sailor. Clear, classical tailoring meets lined patterns and fitted pockets. Asymmetry comes about through a playful division of seams in textiles like silk and cotton.

Summery shorts state the way for the fashion conscious man and are combined by casual shirts as well as narrow coats.

This seasons approximate 50 outfits will be accompanied by a new, old music act. As a solo project, Ben Ivory, the singer of the band Splinter X will perform the collection’s song: “fly to the moon and don’t go away” for the first time at the show in July. The specially made Villeroy & Boch tile runway, with floral pattern and stripes on a white background, gives further support for a perfect performance.

Photos & text Copyright Kilian Kerner.


German Designer Kilian Kerner at Mercedes-Benz Berlin {Men's Fashion}