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Grigor Zaitzev—A Sunbeam of His Father’s Glory

Another Russian designer at the recent edition of Russia Fashion Week was Grigor Zaitsev—son of the most famous of all Russian designers, Slava Zaitsev!

Sketching from an early age, Grigor completed his studies in 1983 and immediately joined his father’s Fashion House.

There, Grigor designed many costumes for theatre, cinema, and the circus, as well as famous musicians. Clearly, Grigor and his designs are deeply influenced by the Russian Rock Revolution of the 1980’s.

Not only rejoicing with but also instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Regime, Grigor now welcomes a new generation of artistic designers, despite the current arduous times.

Photo top left 2016 s/s collection, Courtesy & Copyright Russian Fashion Week.
Photo bottom center Grigor Zaitsev, Courtesy & Copyright Grigor Zaitsev.


Grigor Zaitzev—A Sunbeam of His Father’s Glory {Slava Zaitsev}