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“Meltin’Puzzle”: A New Online Contest by Meltin’Pot

Meltin’Pot kicks off the summer season with “Meltin’puzzle”: A New Online Contest.

Meltin’Pot announces today its forthcoming launch of “Meltin’Puzzle,” the online contest that allows you to win denim and limited edition “Start a Revolution” T Shirts every week!
Once a week, starting from 21 June through 29 September 2016 at the Concorso Meltin'Pot site, a secret puzzle combination made up of 9 pieces that make up a sample from the Spring Summer 2016 denim collection will be posted .
Styles feature a number of Meltin’Pot hot sellers of the season, including MP001 Meltin’Pot’s iconic jean worn by men and stolen by women and the infamous Miamb the jodpur jean with a fit to die for.
Participants will be invited to connect to Concorso Meltin'Pot site, register and guess the right combination of pieces of the puzzle that make up the image of jeans hidden.
The top 5 who find the right combination will win a “Start a Revolution” limited edition t-shirt.
For those who are not satisfied with just this alone, there is a way to double the chances of winning by connecting to the Meltin’Pot online shop and guess the style combination of jeans hidden in the puzzle.
The faster you can piece together and guess the jeans style, the faster you can win Meltin’Pot denim! It’s as easy at that!
Don’t Despair— All players who have still not won a heat that rewards the fastest will be able to participate in a multiple extraction on the 29th September 2016 to win a pair of Meltin’Pot jeans.
Follow the competition Fan Page Meltin’Pot on Facebook and add Meltin’Pot as a friend for regular updates on the publication of newpuzzle every week. The fastest will win!
Let the Game Start and the Heat Begin!
Photo & text Copyright Meltin’Pot.


“Meltin’Puzzle”: A New Online Contest by Meltin’Pot {Men's Fashion}