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Mr. Blue Jeans: “Made in Italy” by Cosimo Romano & Meltin’Pot

Well before Halston gave us denim stretch, Brook Shields donned her CK’s and David Dundas sang about putting his “Jeans On”... Cosimo Romano was giving denim that “Made in Italy” touch of a difference...

Cosimo Damiano Romano was born to two modest parents in Matino, in the Puglia region of Italy. There is nothing this man does not know or has not experienced first hand in the production of a pair of blue jeans be it skin fit or bell bottomed, straight or low rise...with over 30 years of experience under his belt loop.

The 3rd of ten children, Cosimo at the tender age of 8 has to come to terms with the loss of his mother and his adolescence is divided between working in the fields and school. At an early age he abandons his studies to assist his father. Whilst immigration seems to be the only solution for many, the young and eager Cosimo uses his stubbornness to discover alternative routes to abandoning his family, home and region of southern Italy. His first move is a job as a driver for local typographers but his desire to create and build his own enterprise continues to rein strong.

His first flirt with the world of clothing industry commences alongside his wife, Antoinetta (a tailor) producing children’s clothing for a small store but 1967 is the year in which the generous and jovial Cosimo is to meet a jeans wholesale and that meeting would change his life. The idea to create a clothing production company with his family united is born and in 1979 Romano Confezioni was created amidst the peak era of the “denim jeans boom”, providing his ever growing clientele with a full cycle production service. During the growth of the company Cosimo is awarded by the Republic many prestigious industry and commerce awards for excellence.

In 1988, Cosimo gives life to a new society named; “Confezioni C. Romano & C. S.r.l.” a new factory site is created and built which is later increased in 1992 to span some 30.000 Mq. In 1994 following years of investment in new production techniques and the factory, Romano takes the initiative to invest in the promotion, marketing and production of a brand new concept. That concept is the birth of its own Brand Meltin’Pot, into which Romano pours its years of know-how and expertise which in a short period of time becomes a strong brand player within the European denimwear market.

Meltin’Pot has gone from strength to strength as a brand and next month will add another retail element to its successful recipe with the launch of a dedicated E commerce site, making the brand accessible 24 hours a day and initially Europe wide followed by a US extension.

Romano Spa continues to produce jeans and denimwear for brands such as Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Notify to name but a few and the companies gross annual turnover this year looks set to hit the 60 million of Euro’s mark.

Augusto Romano, Cosimo’s son is the Managing Director of the company whilst Romano remains President of the Romano Spa and continues to challenge the production industry with initiative techniques as he did over 30 years ago.

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Mr. Blue Jeans: “Made in Italy” by Cosimo Romano & Meltin’Pot {press release}