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Can you tell I"m feeling better?

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Perhaps a little summer dress, even?

It"s raining, it"s pouring. Well, it is in Brisbane. I love summer storms, they remind me of living in Queensland. But summer storms means no outside photos. Sorry. This stretchy houndstooth skirt is the second garment from my mending project. More of a refashion, I salvaged it from this poor little failed dress and decided to keep the 60s vibe. It even has a little bow. How good are bows?

Sorry for the light posting. I"m in my finals of undergrad so I"m sure you understand. Here, take this bow as an offering. Mid-November, I"m all yours. One thing you may have noticed is that these are simple sewing ambitions (well, except for the bag). That"s because I"m in exams until the day before I leave, and I"m trying to set myself up for as little failure (and as much winning!) as possible.

So there"s three reasons for this post: firstly to share, secondly to motivate myself, and thirdly to ask for advice. Do you know of a super quick, and super amazing pattern that would be perfect for an Italian holiday? It might also have something to do with playing around in my new garden. I haven"t got the veggie garden set up yet, but at least my little herbs have a home.

Look at that healthy glow!

Mmm... spacious. This is the smallest size but it"s still big on me. Yes Barbie-style, that"s flattering and all but what about those petite ladies that want to sew? I"m skinny, but not that skinny (not fishing for compliments! I"m cool with my size). At first I had planned to take it in, but I figure one sack-like skirt can"t hurt me, and I"ll want something comfy for those, ah, girl days. Also, this fabric rocks. I picked it up for a decent price from the Antique Centre in Brisbane. I have no idea what it is, but it sews like cotton and doesn"t crinkle too badly. I think it"s wonderous-heaven fabric.

P.s. This is going to be the best food holiday... ever. I"m also going with this chick, who may very well be my food soulmate. Let"s hope I still fit into my clothes after the first week.

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