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My Variations of Stylish Dresses

Barbie's dress

Barbie's Dress

When it comes to the latest trends, I can be a hard sell. I even recall once making an over dramatic declaration that I would never be caught dead in skinny jeans. I just bought my 9th pair yesterday. So, instead of immediately writing-off any new trend that doesn"t initially appeal to my everyday look, I now force myself to patiently wait for the right style to cross my path.

So, is it pretty obvious that I"ve really been in the mood to shop lately? I don"t know if it"s the spring cleaning or my tax return or what. But, even just seeing actual green grass and living leaves on trees puts the idea in my head that I should have something to match. Hence, my new obsession with green.

Giving the Maxi Dress Another Go

When making decisions, some people might say that tend to get it "backwards" at times. I could chose a car, a college, or a career at the drop of a hat. But, if you want me to pick out a Mother"s Day card or a new brand of dry shampoo, then I"m going to need a few months to make a proper decision. Unless of course, I"m trying to find the perfect maxi dress. In which case, get ready to wait a year, because I still can"t decide.

Shades of Blue

With April showers becoming uhh... May showers, I"ve reluctantly accepted that I"ll probably be spending a good amount of time inside this month. However, this does give me an almost decent reason to brighten up my room with my new favorite shade of blue.

Since seeing Alessandra doing her hippie hippie, shake shake thing at Coachella, I"ve been searching high and low for her Rebecca Taylor dress. Well, I found it. But being Rebecca Taylor and all, it was going require a whole lot of Benjamins. Benjamins that I"m really trying call my own for a little while longer. Fortunately, Urban Outfitters had the poor man"s version hanging in the window, just waiting for me to make some poor sales girl wrestle it from the display.

Dressing for the Easter Bunny

I must admit that up until a few hours ago, I was completely oblivious to the fact that Easter was this weekend. That"s right, a legitimate excuse to go dress shopping is upon us, and I didn"t even realize it. Clearly, I"m off my game. If this was 6 months ago, I would"ve had all of these dresses on standby last week.

Calling All Hot Yog-ies!

I"m not sure what the yoga crowd is calling themselves these days, but if you"ve done the hot yoga thing, I need to borrow your brain! I recently discovered a hot yoga studio in my area and am considering taking a beginners class this weekend. The thing is that I haven"t taken a yoga class in over a year and my flexibility is now comparable to that of a Lindsay Lohan plea agreement.

So, for anyone who has stepped into the oven, do you think would it be realistic for a newbie to make it through a beginner class? Or will I be crying for my mommy and a margarita five minutes in? My usual plan is just to dress the part and wing it from there, but I have a feeling that might not quite cut it this time...

With wedding season in the air and 3 of my best friends getting ready to take the plunge, it"s hard to find a conversation that doesn"t revolve around flowers, linens, or ice sculptures. But, who am I kidding? Weddings are like prom for big kids! Aka a legitimate reason to buy multiple dresses )))

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