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New Air Wick work from Droga5 New York

The first of its kind in the air care category, is rolling out across much of the North America/Western Europe region, including Canada, UK, Spain, Italy and Poland this year. Additional roll-out will follow in other international markets later this year. The site is also optimised for mobile, making it easy to access anytime, anywhere.

Very simple in use, a user is prompted to choose at least three images on the homepage that match the environment they"re looking to create in their home. They are then presented a page detailing the desired mood, as well as suggested Air Wick products, home décor tips and DIY projects from expert bloggers to bring that mood to life. The tips and projects are practically as simple to do as the app itself.

The website is backed by extensive research with leading fragrance experts. These experts allowed Air Wick to take visual + mood + scent intelligence and have it result in an actual product to match, and tips for your home to help bring to life this combination made specifically for your mood.

As a result of the in-depth research, there are trillions of image combinations you can do that will result in one of the 16 moods, so the Scent Decorator can be used time and time again at any point for any room.

For example, your combination of image selections might suggest a "Welcoming" mood for that room you have in mind. This is a mood that "creates a sense of coming home, and encourages guests to stay a while". The webpage then offers a Life Scents fragrance, such as ‘Mom’s Baking’ along with décor tips and projects from design expert and blogger, Kris Jarrett or Victoria Hudgins, such as using upholstered chairs to promote lounging in the kitchen or making a no-sew table runner that is sure-to-please dinner party guests. will continue to be updated as new Air Wick products are released and new content is added by partner design and DIY experts.

VIA «New Air Wick work from Droga5 New York» by Jane Storm