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New work for Dubai Airports - Surprise guest at DXB

Dubai Airports has launched a new online campaign featuring an inquisitive penguin exploring everything the world’s leading international airport Dubai International has to offer. The film’s soundtrack is the classic Fleetwood Mac track ‘Go Your Own Way’. The campaign, created by Hometown, will run across YouTube and Facebook and on the airport’s digital screens.

In the film, we see a penguin going on holiday for the first time and landing at Dubai International. As he explores the airport, he falls in love with all of the things to do, see and eat there - especially the sushi.

The little penguin enjoys his experience so much, he decides to stay in the airport to continue his holiday and enjoy more of his beloved sushi. The penguin is called Pedro, as he is a South American Humboldt penguin.

Following the launch of the film, the Pedro’s adventures at the airport will continue with social media activity. Pedro has his own Twitter account @DXBpenguin, where he will tweet updates and news to fans.

The 2-minute film will launch online on Monday, March 9th and will also run in 40-second cut downs on digital screens across the airport which last year had over 70 million visitors. The campaign will run in the UK, Australia and the US. The campaign is the first work by Hometown for Dubai Airport since winning the business late last year.

Eugene Barry, Executive Vice President, Commercial Group, Dubai Airports, said: "Dubai International is now the world"s largest international airport and has a range of world-class services to match. This campaign aims to communicate the quality of the passenger experience in a fun, impactful and entertaining way and we are delighted with the outcome.”
David Gamble, Founder and Creative Director, Hometown said: "I loved the idea of a disgruntled penguin overcoming adversity to fly off to the sunshine of Dubai, then falling in love with everything Dubai International has to offer. The campaign could easily have become just another glossy, corporate film, so hats off to the team at Dubai Airports for putting their belief behind the idea, our agency and our little waddling hero."

Creative Credits:
Creative Director: David Gamble
Art Director: Marc Owens
Copywriter: Matt Tassell
Business Director: Sarah Wood
Agency Producer: Khirsty McCarter
Director/ Production Co.: Joe Connor / Chief Productions
Producer: Colin Offland
Editor: Paul Ferdenzi
Post Production: Chief
Sound Design: Jungle Studios
DoP: Simon Hawken

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