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No Makeup Week: Important Update

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Of course, since I decided to deem this week "no makeup week", my face decided it would break out, just for the heck of it. I rarely have breakouts, but since I don"t have the option of covering them up with concealer, they"ve decided to pop up on my chin and forehead. Figures!

I still feel happy about this decision, despite that I"m self-conscious about these little splotches. My face feels a lot cleaner. All I"ve been using on it in the morning is my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and my Elta MD UV Clear Lotion. These are the two best things to ever happen to my skin, I think.

At night I use my Cetaphil again, and then follow up with a sweep of an Enhance MD Skin Science Therapy Medicated Treatment Pad. (I can"t find a product page for this glycolic acid / salicylic acid pad, but this is the Enhance MD page).

Before I declared that I wouldn"t wear makeup for a week, the desire to wear makeup when I wasn"t never really crossed my mind. I either put on makeup, or I didn"t, and went about my day. Now I"ve been salivating over makeup tutorials on blogs, which I think is pretty funny. It"s not too hard to deal with this, though. I definitely think the fact that there have been so many days since I started college that I didn"t wear makeup makes this a lot easier to deal with.

What are the products that have really helped your skin?

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