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Sanity is Served In New Müller Dessert Inspired Yogurt Commercial

When you’re a mom, most of your moments are spent taking care of other people. Or at least taking care of their messes, meals and practices. Well, here’s a moment just for you. Because when you combine creamy yogurt with indulgent dessert toppings, sanity is served. At least for a little while.

Los Angeles-based production company SOCIETY puts young motherhood to the test in an amusing new campaign for yogurt brand, Müller. The piece is shot by Rachel Goldenberg, a SOCIETY director known for Funny or Die and the Will Ferrell Lifetime deadpan A Deadly Adoption, and features veteran commercial actress Allyn Rachel.

Goldenberg’s satirical prowess and Rachel’s quirky, comedic chops come together to show how the trials that often come with being a mom can be tempered by a dessert-flavored yogurt. Their chemistry enabled them to rely more on improvisation than a standard treatment, and the result brings Rachel’s character to life in a world where “sanity is served” with a side order of escapism, and balance is restored at home with the help of a delectable yogurt dish.

Creative Credits:
Brand: Müller
Director of Marketing: Brian Hannigan
Senior Marketing Manager: Katie Corsentino

Production Company: SOCIETY
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Executive Producer: Harry Calbom
Head of Production: Rebecca Parenteau
Production Supervisor: Ashley Holloway
Assistant Coordinator: Sarah A. Miller
Consultant: Esther Johnson
Director of Photography: Andrew Davis
1st Assistant Camera: Nito Serna
Production Designer: Celine Diano
Set Dresser: Aimee Athnos
Gaffer: Nikolas Smith
Key Grip: Rob Exner
Sound: Chris Powell
Key Costumer: Jane Johnston
Hair / Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Food Stylist: Eugene Jho

Editorial Company: The Academy
Editor: Josh Snyder

Editorial Company: Milkhaus
Editor / Colorist: Dave Krahling
Composite Artist: James Durée

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