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Sewing is Taking Over My Life


I don"t consider myself to have poor time management, in fact I"m organised. Really organised. Like chill out Reana Louise and put the filing system down organised. However, I find I have no time this year. Yes I work, yes I study full time, yes I have a social life (admittedly a bit small and pathetic), but I do that every year. So who"s the culprit? What"s to blame? Sewing.

I"ve been dreaming about sewing?

I"m obsessed - did you know that Well of course you didn"t because I"m telling you now, but I do! All the time I think about it. Whenever I leave the house I"m dissecting other people"s outfits thinking how was it made? How does it sit like that? Will that warp? How hard would it be to get those stripes to line up? I"m mad, totally sewing mad I tell you!

And it"s not like I"m overly fecund, I"ve only produced a handful of garments. So much of my time is spent scouring the inspiration, blogs, and communities in the big time-sucking device that is the internet. And then there"s this blog - which is so much fun being able to express ideas and ask questions to people who love sewing as much as I do (I already bore my friends with art, I can"t push this on them too).

But it"s not as bad as I might be making out, it"s so rewarding creating something and then wearing it. But what about you guys? Are you as obsessed as me, or do you take sewing in your stride? Is there anything else that you"re obsessed with?

My swishable floral dress is completed and I"m really happy with the result!

Especially the way it fits... I"m not going to bore you with all of the details, just a quick run through with links to techniques. If you have any questions, please ask me!

I practically snatched it from the poor postman. You see, I live in a house of girls and a fair bit of online-shopping happens around here. Much time is spent out the front with tea-in-hand eyeing his arrival down like vultures - so hopefully he"s used to it. Talking of online shopping my roommate just bought this dress from modcloth, how pretty is it? As you know I"m buying zero clothes this year so I have to live vicariously through them. Thank god they have such great taste!

But back onto my original point... New bikini pattern means I"m now ready to buy some fabric! The only problem is I think there"s a secret kingdom of gorgeous and appropriately priced stretchy bikini fabric that is hiding from me. I"ve done a bit of hunting at the local fabric shops but their lycra is more 5th-grade-gymnast-team than hot-woman-strutting-about-Europe. Where is all of the good swimmer fabric?

So far "Beach Animation" from Tessuti is winning, the only problem is that I think the pattern might be a little too big? One butt cheek might look like a giant flower, and the other a dark navy space? Is it Ok to have a lop-sided butt? I definitely don"t want the flower in the middle.

I"ve scrummaged through etsy too and couldn"t find anything that felt "right". And then I need lining! Picking fabric for me is one of the fun tasks (unlike hemming, or ironing- snore) but I feel this is something I need a little help with.

So come one... give me your secrets! Have you found some swimwear fabric that you"re dying to use and would be willing to share the source? Do you know where the secret kingdom of luscious lycra is hiding?

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