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The Dog for Elegant Lady

Yorkshire Terrier, male

Yorkshire Terrier (female)

A Yorkshire Terriers were bred in the late 19th century in York (Great Britain). Known newspaper reporter noted that the unique small dogs is in York. Not everyone supported his proposal, but, nevertheless, eventually won variant of the name as the Yorkshire Terrier.

Big fan of dogs of various breeds, Queen Victoria, immediately drew attention to the elegant small dogs with beautiful long hair. Her example was followed by the remaining members of the elite of London.

Yorkshire Terrier, female

Yorkshire Terrier [male]

Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of small dogs that very popular in the World. And one of the main reasons for this — an attractive appearance. Smooth and shiny coat of these small dog attracts views and causes a desire to make her original hairstyle.

Quite clear that in order to beautifully dress your pet, do not necessarily spend a lot of money. Pet stores now offer a good selection of tiny suits, shoes and accessories to suit different tastes and budgets.

A Wear for Yorkshire Terrier

Wear for Yorkshire Terrier

In various shops for dogs represented not only a casual wear, but also exclusive models for special occasions. Now, for example, sellers offer suits Santa Claus, decorated with fluffy fur and sequins. As in any educational work with a dog, a gradual habituation to clothing requires a regular approach.

Little shiny eyes, which lit the mind and intelligence, neat ears that stand upright, but not far from each other — all this face of Yorkshire terrier. The small dog seems to understand everything that says the owner, and even tries to answer...

Photo by Helen

VIA «The Dog for Elegant Lady» by Jane Storm

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