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Poo~Pourri Launch Cheeky New Music Video, Imagine Where You Can Go

Poo~Pourri Teams Up With Uptown Funk Video Director Cameron Duddy and Choreographer Sara Von Gillern to Launch Cheeky New Music Video Imagine Where You Can Go.

After its wildly successful Poo-inspired videos in 2013 and 2014, Poo~Pourri is launching a new music video boasting all the uncomfortable places you can now confidently GO with Poo~Pourri—like on a date or at the office. The video was directed by Cameron Duddy, the critically acclaimed director of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk music video. Poo~Pourri, the award winning before-you-go toilet spray that is proven to stop bathroom odors before they begin, also teamed up with choreographer Sara Von Gillern from MTV's all-star season of America's Best Dance Crew and singer/songwriter Jeff Lewis featured on The Voice.

The music video introduces a new dance move, "Do The Poo~Pourri," inspired by the steps of going number 2.

The video features dancers in different scenarios where going poo may be awkward, like at the office or on a first date. The dancers exude confidence as they own their you-know-what and are able to freely GO wherever the wind takes them. The video demonstrates the confidence that comes when potty anxiety has been eliminated.

"There is stress associated with going number two and leaving a smell behind, especially in a shared bathroom," says Suzy B├ítiz, CEO and Founder of Poo~Pourri. "Now you can GO wherever you are—whether at work, at a significant other's house or traveling with friends. Imagine where you can go NOW!"

Vision and Concept: Suzy Batiz (Founder & CEO)
Director: Cameron Duddy
Writer: Nicole Story
Song and Lyrics: Jeff Lewis & Poo~Pourri Creative Team lead by Nicole Story
Song Producer: Oh, Hush!
Choreography: Sara VonGillern
VP Creative Director: Nicole Story
Director of Photography: Tom Banks
Story and Design: Hector Batiz, Will Clarke, and Kirsten Gold
Art Directors: Lindsey Juckem and Paola Cortez
Wardrobe: Kirsten Gold, Gay Horman and Annie Cox
Editor: Adam Henderson
Broadcast Producer: Peggy Moore
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts

Tea Potty: Bethany Woodruff, Kasey Cosgrove, Vicki McCarty
Relationship Verse: Ryan Warren, Lauren Williams, Michael Sylvester, Ika Chigogidze, Oscar Seung, Tori Leigh Smith, Jordan Johnson, Michelle Keys
Office Verse: Alexis Smith, Donna Arrogante, Tyree Holmes, Tori Leigh Smith, Oscar Seung
Confident Verse: Sara VonGillern, Aaron Nedrick, Pierce Bailey
Poo-dini: CJ Vaughn
Poo~Pourri Bottles: Danika Luke, Christine Pev

VIA «Poo~Pourri Launch Cheeky New Music Video, Imagine Where You Can Go»

VIA «Poo~Pourri Launch Cheeky New Music Video, Imagine Where You Can Go»

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