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:AVOID Passivity in Spring/Summer 2016 [men's fashion]

In a previous interview with Japanese designers Inokawa and Kido, we learned how these two talented young men launched their menswear label in 2005 with the goal of:

“portraying the true nature of clothing with no preconceptions of educational or professional backgrounds, or even the brand name itself.”

Inokawa and Kido named their label :AVOID, which, in their words, represents “a conscious decision to stay away from unwanted people, things, and events.”

:AVOID seeks to disregard any passive mentality in their creations, producing high quality apparel with attention to detail and through advanced techniques.

This season, the two designers at :AVOID have collaborated with Los Angeles artist and poet, Mark Gonzales, who is also known as a professional skateboarder. (The artworks are licensed in Japan only.)

Photo & slideshow Copyright :AVOID.

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