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Kashmir: Not Mere Cashmere with Rohit Bal [men's fashion]

In the fashion industry, we all know about Cashmere but few of us know Kashmir!

Kashmir is the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, which, in history has played a central role in Hinduism and Buddhism, later undergoing centuries of Muslim rule. After brief British tutelage, the area of Kashmir was divided among India, China, and Pakistan.

The word Cashmere originates from Kashmir and is obtained from the Cashmere goat. The fiber provides a soft but strong insulation when woven into garments. The fiber is also known as pashmina, which is merely the Persian and Urdu word for ‘wool.’

Labeled by Time Magazine as the “Master of Fabric and Fantasy,” designer Rohit Bal (photo top left) was born and raised in Kashmir, soon becoming known as the “bad boy” of the fashion world.

Rohit first studied history at St. Stephens College and then cutting and stitching at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. He began his fashion career in 1986, in his brother’s export company, going on to create his own line in 1990.

Now based in New Delhi, India, Rohit utilizes a wide variety of fabrics, including the traditional Indian hand-loom textile called Khadi. In 2006, he was awarded the title “Designer of the Year” by the Indian Fashion Awards.

So, now we have it! A Kashmiri designer from Kashmir who designs with more than just Cashmere!

Photos Copyright Rohit Bal.

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