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Santa Sizzles [men's fashion]

Santa Klaus used to be from the North Pole. Well, that’s when he was a bit chunky, carrying a little extra weight around the middle.

But Santa has finally gone on a diet, joined the local gym, and agreed to a complete makeover. Yes, he has followed the ways of the world!

Ripped and buff, Santa is now steamy hot—and he’s moved to Los Angeles! Well, we wouldn’t want those ice caps to melt, would we?!

N2N Bodywear was founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by Andrew Makay, who designs swimwear, underwear, and other apparel for the traveling men, ranging from the “guy next door” to the metrosexual—oh, and yes—for Santa himself!

For centuries Santa dressed in baggy pants and an oversized coat with plain black boots. Ungroomed and unshaven, Santa didn’t pay too much attention to his outer appearance. But how could he, when he was taking care of so many others?!

I think more men should emulate Santa’s example, not in moving to Los Angeles, but at least in tidying up their act! (Oops, did I express an opinion?!)

Anyway, getting back to the story, the only thing Santa really had going for himself was his boldness in color—bright red! Well, that’s about all he’s kept! But, why red?

Stay tuned for the next holiday article!

Photo Copyright N2N Bodywear.

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