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Toby. A Revelation. A Tradition [men's fashion]

Like a refreshing wind at midday, Dubai Fashion Week (24-29 October 2009) has blown in and gone. Nevertheless, the breeze of creativity and style for spring/summer 2016 continues to whisk across the region and inspire many.

One major source of inspiration at Dubai Fashion Week this year was Hatem Al Akeel, who grew up between Europe, the United States, and Saudi Arabia.

With such a diverse, multicultural background, Hatem has come to personify an ultramodern and Arabesque artistry, in which he merges East and West as he sets the pace for trend-setting designs.

Toby is the brainchild and signature of this strikingly handsome Saudi designer, which he named after the Arab phrase “my thobe.”

I have only been studying Arabic for several weeks now, but from what I know the thobe ( ثوب‎, ṯawb in Arabic) is an ankle-length garment, which varies in both style and name from country to country.

My Arabic teacher explained to me that, in the Gulf area, the thobe is known more as an ankle-length garment. However, in formal classical Arabic, as well as in some western dialects, the word thobe stands for material, cloth, or fabric.

With Toby, the thobe has been revolutionized into a garment of quality craftsmanship, uncompromising luxury, and superior fabrics—all at affordable prices.

Ultra modern. Ultra chic. Toby. A revelation. A tradition.

Photo & slideshow 2016 s/s collection Toby.

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