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Walter Van Beirendonck + Chris&Tibor: Collaboration Bags [men's fashion]

Last year I introduced you to two London-based designers who design luxury bags and accessories: Chris & Tibor. We learned that Chris Liu graduated from the London College of Fashion, while Tibor Matyas studied art management and marketing.

For the autumn/winter collection of 2016-11, Chris & Tibor have collaborated with trendsetting designer Walter Van Beirendonck in a new line of messenger bags, belt bags, backpacks, and avant-garde clothing.

Born 1957 in Brecht, Belgium, Walter studied Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. His designs derive inspiration from art, music, and literature—combined with a mix of ethnic and nature influences. He portrays humor with the color red and safe sex with the wink of an eye!

While Chris & Tibor contributed the bags, Walter has provided a collection of garments entitled Take a W-Ride, which rises from tension—the state of opposing forces, which result in mental or emotional strain.

Take a W-Ride alludes to the opposites in the world today, such as love and hate, as well as economic turmoil, political instability, and the high-anxiety producing tension within the fashion industry.

Although Chris & Tibor and Walter Van Beirendonck debuted their a/w 2016 collection from 22-26 January in Paris, I am pleased to present you with the latest image gallery!

Bags within the photo & slideshow Copyright Chris & Tibor.
Clothing Copyright Walter Van Beirendonck.

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