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Julia & Ben: “Leave the Money in the Office” [men's fashion]

JULIAANDBEN continue the tradition of unique, refined garments, which they produce through dying, destroying, soft washings, and color spraying.

In their autumn/fall 2016 collection, Julia and Ben have developed a new texture by rusting fabrics for days and even weeks!

The procedures employed by Julia and Ben are all hard to control but give each garment an individual look.

The color palette is rust and black, highlighted with accents of grey-terracotta tie dye and a shiny grayish rainbow fabric.

“Julia says: ‘I have no dreams.’ But sometimes she is a hunter.

Ben thinks: ‘Real dreams are secrets.’And sometimes he escapes.

But in the end, both want to get rid of the antagonism between ideal and reality that is created through dreaming.

Better travelling to Mexico than eating peyote cactus in your kitchen, right?”

So, leave the money in the office!

Photos Copyright JULIAANDBEN.

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