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“Shift Gear” in Autumn/Winter 2016 by Ontfront [men's fashion]

Racecars assembled at the starting line, motors revving up into a thunderous roar—it’s “Shift Gear” in gear with OntFront, men’s sidewalk-tailored street gear!

The flag goes down in a whoosh; the cars peel out in a screech, winding around the track—it’s January 30 at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

Like a true carrozzeria (‘coachbuilder’), Ontfront has assembled for autumn/winter 2016 a collection of 68 pieces, all inspired by the world of Italian car racing—streamlined, aerodynamic, and trophy-garnering models!

If you are living the fast life, travelling, racing, and going out—Ontfront is the bad-boy gentleman label for you!

Photos by Peter Stigter, 2016 a/w collection, Copyright OntFront.

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