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Federation: the Skate/Streetwear Label from Auckland NZ

They’re cool. They’re fun. They’re Nick and Jenny Clegg.

Nick and Jenny met for the first time in 1995 while vacationing on a New Year’s surfing trip at the Great Barrier.

Now, the husband and wife team are in their 10th year of what they had both dreamed for years: their own company.

Nick was originally a professional skateboarder with a background in graphic design; whereas Jenny worked as a design assistant after having received her BA in Fashion Technology.

Concerning their skate/streewear label, Federation, Nick writes:

We have a good long-term plan that we are working to, and so far it’s really been a case of timing that plan. Obviously part of that has always been our international expansion and we have been working towards that over the last couple of years—so essentially the growth we are experiencing now is really just a culmination of all our hard work.

However, there have been a lot of unexpected surprises, especially at the start of 2016—and we received some great feedback in Europe with some of the best retailers in the world really loving what we’re doing. We have such a great team, and NZ Trade and Enterprise has been an integral part of enabling us to develop our international presence and facilitate the actioning of our vision.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Federation has been picking up accounts all across the globe.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Federation.

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