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JUMA—Inspired by Friends Who Surround

After attending George Brown College, former model Alia Juma worked as an assistant designer at various design houses and, in 2003, founded JUMA with his sister Jamil, a graduate of McGill University.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, the brother and sister duo co-design each collection with Alia acting as design director and Jamil—creative director.
JUMA is committed to the support of numerous philanthropic foundations and activities, including the following charities: Children’s Aid Foundation, Fashioncares M.A.C Viva Glam, Through the Eyes of Women Foundation, the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, Dress Your Best, and North York General Hospital Foundation (Heart of Fashion).
Concerning the autumn/winter 2016 collection, Alia writes:
“Every season is an evolution of the previous. We’re constantly inspired by our friends who are interesting in their own ways. A lot of our friends work in the creative industry as stylists, artists, graphic designers, writers and musicians. When you surround yourself with such talented people, you tend to feed off their energy. We also like to design clothes that we want to wear ourselves. Personally I’m not into clothing that’s super trendy; I like to dress in items that are fashion forward yet understated. I like to feel comfortable yet know that I look good in what I’m wearing. I don’t want to feel fussy or like the outfit is wearing me.”

Photo & slideshow autumn/winter 2016 collection JUMA.

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