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Kostüme by Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco [men's fashion]

The Argentinean label, Kostüme, recently strutted down the runway at BAFWEEK, 24-26 February, surprising onlookers with massive suspended lightweight structures, optical effects, and a monochromatic collection devoted to variegated shades of black and grey.

The Kostüme label is based on architectural designs; deconstructive trends; oversize silhouettes; and experimentation with fabrics, textures, and prints for the trend-setting man.

The current Collection #19 continues the brand’s defragmentation of the diamond as the main feature of the clothing but with a new twist of geometric elements.

Materials at Kostüme consist of wool, cotton, viscose, and silk—all of a high quality.

This year Kostüme has launched the cool, relaxed sportswear line, Pony + Kostüme. Kostüme Denim is the brand for youth, while Kostüme Hombre is for the male audience.

Kostüme—by Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco.

Photos Copyright BAFWEEK.

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