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“Casual Dissidents” by Junk de Luxe

If you are like me, you are probably wondering who are the “Casual Dissidents” in 2016 spring/summer. According to Junk De Luxe, it is all about Scandinavian street meeting vintage Americana as described in the following press release:

“The Junk De Luxe spring/summer collection shows a clean view on Scandinavian retro fashion combined with a whole panoply of the most variegated American sportswear designs.

Focusing on high-lighted looks from past times the ambiance is simplicity, urban and clean styling. But also a collection played on contrasts and personal individual looks with optimistic, colourful styling: a dash of charm and playful youthfulness with an array of classic designs like new interpretations of chic vintage chinos and tapered pants twinned with short double breasted blazers with dropped shoulders. Tailored sportswear trousers with contrast seams and buttons in washed out, crinkled cottons is also the favourite piece of the JUNK designers.

Creating experimental dressing codes the JUNK man is showing the image of a college boy-come-wall street adventurer .He wears a series of sport style like sleeveless, hooded fine knits and authentic biker jackets, cleverly balanced against a simple tailored concept. Everything is put to create a relaxed feel, yet elegant, with a rock touch. Sartorial, casual pants with dropped crotches in tartan cotton fabrics are seen with polka dot T-shirts in exciting colours and knit designs in mono chrome Jacquards under light weight parka coats.

Introducing the classic part of the collection the key words are simple styling and updated evergreens. The ultra-short coats and jackets are harmonious and stylish with perfectly balanced shape, materials and colours. Once again hats, ties and scarves are confirmed as the cult, must-have accessories for the JUNK gentleman peacock.

In the summer of 2016 the JUNK dissident is taking a free ride on the nostalgic Scan-American roller coaster.”

Photo & slideshow 2016 spring/summer collection Copyright Junk De Luxe.

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