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“Cultural Creativity” by Sir Benni Miles

In 1995, Benjamin Aaron Miles of Brooklyn, New York, founded the label Sir Benni Miles as a new urban streetwear brand.

Influenced by the dance halls of his times, Benjamin fused his designs with the artists and musicians of the reggae and hip-hop cultures. Now the brand is distributed by Dirty Jerz.

As for spring/summer 2016, cultural creativity is the focus of the collection, presenting a wide variety of denims in the Italian style, American collegiate tees, and graffiti pants.

Pointing to the Black music of the US, cargo pants and chinos make up the “All That Jazz” collection, ranging from soul to jazz!

The sophisticated looks and textures of the denim collection derive from the artistic form of washings in the Abruzzo region of Italy, which are championed by a revival of classic art.

Sir Benni Miles—the street brand with a metropolitan flare! Check out the latest collection at the upcoming Bread & Butter in Berlin!

Photo & slideshow Copyright Sir Benni Miles.

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