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Flash Night with Paul & Betty

Innovative. Intriguing. Intelligent. On June 20, Paul & Betty is hosting a Flash Night party at the Beach Club in Milan, Italy, to present the 2016 spring/summer menswear collection.

In a New Yorkesque disco style of the 1970’s and 80’s, the Wharolistic night of magic and surrealistic fun will include a suggestive spectacle of laser lights, smoke, and foam—all of which are designed to immerse you into the colorful spirit of the new collection.

On the basis of classic models, the men’s line flows into a neon disco of mixed fluorescent colors.

The collection spans a gamut of Brogues named Jerry, Daniel, and Jack. Sandals are named Simon, while sneakers are called Alvin. Then, there are slipons with the name of Albert and refined moccasins, David.

Flash Night with Paul & Betty—don’t miss it!

Photos Courtesy S2B Copyright Paul & Betty.

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