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Meltin’Pot 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection “Urban and Contemporary”

Following on from the brand’s initial challenge to increase the overall size of the collection for Fall winter 2016-11, Meltin’Pot continues to drive a street fashion direction throughout adopting guidelines to reinvent the total look.

This includes a basic overview of some key points including the evolution of design and consistent research into trends of new fabrics and accessories/details, all being key whilst maintaining the brand’s renowned levels of production quality and perfect fit.

The MP001 capsule collection however continues to be the pride and joy of the entire collection. This all-male selection, which has been further enriched and developed this season, is the product icon for Meltin’Pot and represents the brand’s overall identity.

An expansive range of treatments and fine fits feature and the introduction of the latest additions to the range 003 and 004, all contribute to Meltin’Pot’s brand attributes of being true leaders of style conveying a consistently strong image with a contemporary total look.

MP001, the well known regular jeans embellished with a noble selvedge together with MP002 the of the moment super slim model, are joined by a new additions to the range MP003, a novel model, with a “tapered” fit, and with its tight bottom and comfort combined on the hips, and the MP004 chino featuring the same ergonomic fit, in gabardine, satin and denim for true connoisseurs.

The MP001 capsule collection is completed with a small and concise range of different tops and jackets taking their influence from the world of “jeans” but with glam contamination.

Nylon and denim jackets are combined with cool, urban reversible inner removable vests, classic shirts and vests are created in denim, discoloured and over-dyed sweatshirts feature and sweaters and t-shirts have a beautiful marble effect, enhanced with patches and inserts.

Accompanying the MP001 capsule collection are two specific collections - male and female -: Basic Denim: As ever the soul of the Meltin’Pot brand, this wide range of fits in the classic 5 pockets jeans style is continually updated with treatments, fits and details.

New Basic: A contemporary offering with its core elements comprising essential pants and tops that feature ever expanding fashion details, including the brand Misfit style which is all new and an extreme super skinny denim model for men.

The fabrics are bright and shiny; the color ways are made up of combinations of warm tones, which meet blue to dark blue and black denim. The black and grey denims are treated to obtain contrasts and anthracite nuances.

Great attention to treatments of fabrics also feature, ranging from the sanded resin through to light and totally destroyed, through three-dimensional effects and marble, and resin from ultra bright colors.

Meltin’Pot for women celebrates the fictional rock ‘n roll, and deftly mixes sober wool together with soft and light jersey tops, super slim pants with aggressive effects to the denim alongside faded and comfortable stretch satin, which enhance the silhouette. The predominant color is black, illuminated by the cute graphics and details using brilliant rhinestones, sequins, small studs and zips.

The overall look and feel is a comprehensive and tight look, with an international flavor for both Meltin’Pot men and women, which, as the name brand evokes, have a cosmopolitan character who live their daily lives full of stimuli and influences from the different cultures which are now firmly a part of our contemporary society.

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