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Smalto 10, the Smalto Sneaker

Smalto 10, the Smalto Sneaker: a limited edition in the colours of the 32 selected teams.

Support your team, wear their colours!

For the occasion of the World Cup, Smalto launches in limited edition the sneaker Smalto 10. This sneaker is the result of a meeting between fashion and the world of football. Refined and coloured it will allow enthusiasts to follow their team with all the Smalto elegance.

Timeless curves, perfect cut and absolute comfort, Smalto 10 takes the mythical codes of the brand in a sportswear version, made in Italy.

Ergonomic, this leather sneaker matches the shape of the foot perfectly and allows one to adopt a casual-chic style good for relaxing or for town wear. This sneaker is perfect for the chic elegant supporter, amateur of sport and sensations.

Touches of colour in suede or patent leather are applied to the traditional white of the sneakers, discreetly recalling the colours of the flags.

Press Release Smalto, Courtesy système D.

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