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Support Your Favorite Team at the World Cup!

Did you know that the first international football (soccer) match was held 1872 in Glasgow, Scotland, while the first World Cup by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was held 1930 in Uruguay?

This month, the World Cup is being held in South Africa. With 204 qualifying teams, only 32 teams are competing for the title.

While it is possible to support your favorite team by wearing the official t-shirt, you can also purchase fun Bumpy Pitch tees from the Five Four online store.

Bumpy Pitch is a cultural movement that encompasses a clothing company and an online magazine (theoriginalwinger) with the objective of showcasing and building the culture and lifestyle that soccer inspires.

So, what team are you cheering for?

Whomever you support, do it in style! Soccer style!

Photos Courtesy & Copyright Five Four.

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