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Telfar Partners with Supima®

Telfar is an American designer selling and marketing internationally. His celebrated versatile style is the new American punk—gloriously futuristic, grunge, chic. Far ahead of his time, his designs combine versatility, comfort and fit; they ooze with innate fluidity. There is absolutely no one like him.

For Spring-Summer 2016, TELFAR has partnered with Supima®, America’s leading non-profit in luxury cotton, to create a line inspired by the khaki pant, uniforms, and sport.
Supima® is a not-for-profit American organization that works both domestically and internationally.

The Supima® trademark is used to promote textile and apparel products made of 100% American Pima cotton. This premium cotton is renowned for its remarkable drape, superior softness, and natural shine.

Supima® cotton consists of fibers that are more refined than other cottons and have a longer staple length. These fibers are used to spin finer count yarns, which can be knit or woven into softer and more luxurious fabrics. Fashion Art Gallery and TELFAR are proud to announce that Supima® is the Charitable Sponsor for SS2011 TELFAR collection.

TELFAR’s curve-hugging American grunge collections are both comfortable and inspiring. His work has been featured in Time Out, Vogue Homme International, Flaunt, NY Times, Paper, Anthem, Luvre, Gen Art, Metro Pop and countless other publication.

Innovative and modern, complex yet understandable, his garments are always statement pieces. In winter, you can zip your way out of a one piece into two—TELFAR is a leader in urban, elegant-grunge, casual-chic. No different, his highly anticipated Spring-Summer 2016 collection is expected to introduce a new vision in men’s uniform and sportswear.

Expect to be impressed, as he is sure to deliver--an ensemble of multi-layered, urban, khaki-grunge wonders. TELFAR’s past partnerships have included: Fila, Dr. Martens and Converse.

Telfar’s 2016 spring/summer collection is now available at Temporary Showroom.

Text Courtesy of Temporary Showroom, Copyright Telfar.
Photos 2016 autumn/winter collection Courtesy of Temporary Showroom, Copyright Telfar.

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