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The Jack Purcell Shoe—Badminton Anyone?

John Edward “Jack” Purcell (1903–1991) was a Canadian badminton player that shot to world fame in 1933, later designing an athletic shoe that still bears “Jack Purcell.”

Growing up with tennis and golf, Jack took Ontario by storm when he picked up a badminton racquet and shuttlecock in 1924.

Already in 1929 and 1930, Jack was crowned Canadian National Badminton Champion!

In 1935, Jack designed a badminton shoe out of canvas and rubber for B.P. Goodrich of Canada. Converse purchased the rights in the 1970’s.

What sets the Jack Purcell shoe apart from, say, Chuck Taylor All Stars is the smile across the front.

Never have the Jack Purcell sneakers been more popular than today—75 years later! Jack keeps on smiling!

Photo & slideshow Jack Purcell shoe, Copyright Très Bien Shop.

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