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Valeria Kovalskaya at Russian Fashion Week

Recently I have been posting on Ukrainian designers that presented striking menswear collections last week at the Lviv Fashion Week in Lviv, Ukraine.

Now I would like to travel more than 500 miles northeast, and about a month back in time, to Russian Fashion Week, which celebrated its 20th Jubilee April 1-6 at the World Trade Center in Moscow.

During the festive event, Ukrainian fashion designer of Kiev, Valeria Kovalskaya, presented a spectacular collection, which was rocked by the sounds of punk and grunge.

The color palette spanned the soft tones of grey, blue, beige, terracotta, cream, and chocolate on a plethora of fabrics, including cashmere, suede, and leather.

Valeria specializes in costumes for musical and dance productions.

Photos Courtesy and Copyright Russian Fashion Week.

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