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Favourite Movies With Harry Cook

Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival 2015

Its been a little while since we’ve talked about the delightful Harry Cook, one of the pivotal actors alongside Geena Davis in Accidents Happen. But since his next film Caught Inside screened at the Sydney Film Festival last week, what better time to talk about his favourite movies. The 18-year-old had this to say:

“That’s hard. Forrest Gump is really good. I like old school films, like Death Becomes Her is amazing. Thelma and Louise too, and I’m not just saying that because of Geena Davis, it really is an awesome movie. The first movie I ever saw was Oliver and I would love to do the musical one day.”

Stay tuned for an up and coming interview with Harry Cook about Caught Inside.

P.S. Dear The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Because you are the first film I ever got to visit the set of, you shall forever hold a place in my heart. However, the excitement and enthusiasm I once felt for you quickly dwindled away when I watched your first full length trailer online. Craptacular doesn’t even begin to cover it. I know there’s a story in there somewhere because I’ve read the synopsis, so how about showing that in the trailer? Or heaven forbid, a logical order of events as opposed to a wet painting here, a magical coat there and Ben Barnes with a pedo-mo slotted in the middle? Sigh. I hope the hardcore fans are a little more pleased than the rest of us.

Favourite movies with Harry Cook, 8 out of 10 (based on 345 votes)

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