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The Toys are Back in Town...

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Finally, I’m so excited that I can share my thoughts on Toy Story 3 with you guys. I saw it three weeks ago and had to sign an embargo with Disney to hold-off on publishing, posting or even mentioning the film on social networking sites until the date was lifted a few days ago. So, here goes.

Toy Story was the first film released to use only Computer-generated Imagery, CGI and it redefined the course of movie making and animated films forever. Fifteen years later, Pixar and Disney are hoping to recreate that magic with the third film in the franchise.

Toy Story 3 sees Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the beloved characters accidentally dumped in a day-care centre after their owner, Andy, goes to college. From the fantastical opening which captures the imagination of children, to the signature wit and humour of the story, the film is a worthy entrant in the series. Other animated franchises, like Shrek, have struggled to find purpose in the later films. However, Toy Story 3 progresses, it grows up, and introduces new elements instead of trying to rehash formulas that worked previously.

There are also some colourful new characters introduced, the highlights being the flamboyant and uber metro sexual Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton), a dialogue-free security monkey, and Mr Pricklepants (voiced by Timothy Dalton) a stuffed-hedgehog who recites Shakespeare. The use of 3D technology is executed perfectly, immersing the audience in the experience rather than trying to be gimmicky.

Overall this is slower, and a little sadder than its predecessors. Even the adults will be hard pressed to hold back a tear when Andy realises that he has to grow up and leave his childhood friends behind. It feels like the writers have made a conscious effort to wrap up the series, while at the same time leaving the tiniest bit of potential for a fourth film. Only time will tell if the toys once again come out of the box.

Toy Story 3 opens in cinemas this Thursday, and already it is smashing box office records for Pixar and Disney in the US. Looks like there’s no `death by monkey’s’ for this series.

P.S. If you"re the kind of person who is reading this post soley because of that headline, then you deserve to be disappointed. Sorely disappointed. As shamelessly self-promoted in the article below, I have begun doing online video reviews of the latest movies for the Gold Coast Bulletin"s, the paper I work for, moderately interactive website. Anywho, to bide time until I finish transcribing my hours, literally hours, of Tim Burton interviews... Sure, you won"t see Megan Fox"s baby-maker sticking out of a pair of hot pants, but if you still feel unfulfilled then just go and rent Transformers 2 instead. That"s all the mind-fuckery one will ever need. Okay kids, here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion for you. Go on, you know you want to. Later this week tune in for my slightly more exciting review of Toy Story 3, followed by The Karate Kid the following week. And boy, am I looking forward that *record scratch*.

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