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360 Agency Berlin Talks Values in it"s Advertising

360 Agency Berlin is dramatically changing advertising by reviewing chains of productions and CSR terms before to promote any product or brand. Acting as a label in the long term, fully verifying and agreeing with what we advertise.

Also please note that 360 Agency Berlin do not only produce strategies and content for global brands but have also been invited by the national chambers of commerce and industry of Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh and Mongolia to talk about new ways of producing and advertising. By incentivising some Asian countries and companies to produce in a fairer way, we will try to enable LDC (Least developed countries) to increase their exportations and help to communicate more efficiently.

360 Agency Berlin is currently fighting and doing their best to get the idea across that by advertising, and consuming responsibly we can change the lives of thousands.
We would be happy to answer any of your question and hope you could relay this initiative.

VIA «360 Agency Berlin Talks Values in it's Advertising» by Jane Storm

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