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Women Behaving Badly In Raunchy Spot for Parisian Gentleman

Twist’s New York-based Executive Producer Amyliz Pera has just announced the addition of Director Igor Borghi to the company’s roster of talent. Borghi also unveils a new spot for online publication “Parisian Gentleman.” The spot highlights Borghi’s storytelling capability, lovely style, and intelligent point of view with provocative imagery.

The commercial opens on a woman in a bathtub. It’s clearly a personal moment. The camera is a voyeur as we continue to discover women in a variety of unadulterated scenarios. The connecting story element is the honesty and rawness of the moments – void of pretense. The moments were curated carefully and are deliberately excessive. The final scene unveils the tagline: “A world without gentlemen is a world without ladies.”

“Parisian Gentleman” focuses on Men’s culture and sartorial excellence. The lovely score and beautiful visual style of this new spot juxtaposes the images and helps support the feeling of the “Parisian Gentleman” brand with this commercial debut. Founder and Editor Hugo Jacomet says of the new collaboration, “We’re very happy to start working with DVL BBDO, because it is an agency that shares our spirit: gentleman outside, punk inside.”

When I received the script from DLV of Parisian Gentleman I was thrilled,” says Igor. “I had the sensation of being in front of something new and exciting. Every time I read a good script, I start thinking about it -- all day, looking for my way to realize it. It nags at me, until I find the right direction, and only then can I start start feeling comfortable and excited.”

Creative Credits:
Agency: DLVBBDO Milan
Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe e Stefania Siani
Art Director: Luca Iannucci
Copywriter: Gennaro Borrelli
Account: Neli Mechenska
Producer: Tommaso Fajdiga

Production Company: The Family Film
Director: Igor Borghi
Executive Producer: Stefano Quaglia
Producer: Tommaso Haimann e Alessia Pietromarchi
DOP: Gigi Martinucci

Editor: Lorenzo Colugnati
Grading: claudio beltrami@band
Online: Band
Music: Flavio Ibba
Sound Design: Disc to Disc

VIA «Women Behaving Badly In Raunchy Spot for Parisian Gentleman» by Jane Storm

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