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Miao People—All about Fashion [men's fashion]

One of the largest minority groups with whom I had the most contact in China was with the Miao, who have dwelt in the Guizhou province for the past 2,000 years.

The Miao total about 9.6 million people, who are scattered not only throughout southern China but also Southeast Asia, where they arrived in the 18th century.

Outside China, the Miao are known as Mèo or H’Mông in Vietnam, Maew or Mong in Thailand, and Mun Lu-Myo in Burma. Although the Miao prefer to call themselves Hmong or Mong, their names do not end there.

Interestingly, Miao tribes classify themselves according to the colors and patterns of their clothing—White Hmong, Green Hmong, Black Hmong, and Striped Hmong, Red Miao, Flowery Miao.

Now that’s a fashion statement!

The Miao peoples produce textiles called “flower cloth,” which features intricate stitch work and embroidery of bold designs and bright, contrasting colors.

Some Miao tribes wear batik, which is created by dripping hot wax on white cloth that is then dipped in dye.

The most common of Miao patterns are flowers, birds, fish, butterflies, and fruit—each of which carries a specific meanings.

It is not uncommon for Miao women to adorn themselves in massive silver jewelry that takes the form of immense bullhorns and ornate crowns.

Photo by Cyril Massenet Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License at Wiki Commons.
Photo by Michael Mooney Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License at Wiki Commons.
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