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Simon Spurr: Bridging the Transatlantic Divide in Fall 2016 [men's fashion]

Simon Spurr once again bridges the Transatlantic divide by combining British bespoke tailoring with American hip into a sort of “relaxed sophistication.”

After much acclaim for previous collections, Simon Spurr recently debuted a new high-end tailored collection in New York.

When I asked Fashion PR director, Austin Smedstead, about what inspired Spurr’s collection, he responded with the following statement from Simon:

“My intention was to establish SIMON SPURR as a modern luxury menswear brand. I definitely drew upon my British roots and focused on precision tailoring loosely inspired by the 60/70’s Savile Row tailor, Tommy Nutter. I wanted to bring a British sensibility to American fashion week. I’m British, many of my reference points are British and that’s my look.”

Situated in Mayfair of central London, Savile Row is the “golden mile of tailoring” where the term bespoke tailoring is said to have originated. In contrast to ready-to-wear, bespoke tailoring refers to highly customized clothing, which is patterned and crafted for an individual.

Tommy Nutter (1943-1992) reinvented the Savile Row suit in the 1960’s, having opened his own shop on Savile Row in 1969. He modernized Savile Row with open windows and bold displays.
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