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aussieBum Has Gone Bananas! [men's fashion]

The new aussieBum banana range is 100% Australian made, giving you the assurance of an environmentally sustainable, top quality product—all in the aussieBum style!

Innovation and design have always been the aussieBum mantra, propelling the company from humble beginnings into a sexy future! Cutting-edge and passionate about customer loyalty, aussiebum is now going bananas!

“aussieBum has a responsibility to continually research and develop new fabric technologies. Banana fiber characteristically enjoys good luster, is lightweight, offers strong moisture absorption and is considered one of the most eco friendly fibers in the world today. We are truly proud of our contribution to the development of this fabric. It's exciting and once again, delivers Australia to the doorstep of the world!” says Sean Ashby, aussieBum founder.

Why Bananas?
• Complete natural fiber
• Made from bark
• Easy to spin
• Soft, smooth, comfortable
• Eco-friendly & sustainable

The aussieBum Banana Range—So Good, You’re Going to Wish You Could Eat Them!

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