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The “Circus Collection” by Camo [men's fashion]

Last year in an article entitled Camo—a Uncrypted Twist to the Hidden Meaning of Menswear, I introduced you to a novel line of menswear that is tucked away amongst the picturesque foothills of the Italian Alps.

The designer, Stefano Ughetti, named the label Camo after a shortened version of “camouflage.” His aim was not military but rather to draw from choice materials that carry specific messages and symbols which can display our deepest intents to the world around us.

For autumn/winter 2016, Camo invites us back in time to the spectacular days of big tents and clowns, jugglers and acrobats—to a world of fantasy and entertainment for all.

If you find that you have a little clown within you, or you thrive on the thrill of a tightrope, then the “Circus Collection” is for you.

“Circus Collection” autumn/winter 2016—a variety show of stupefying pieces from times passed.

Photos & slideshow Copyright Camo.

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